Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a ticket. Please help me.

We are grateful that the event is so popular, but understand it can be a bummer to find yourself without a ticket. Our advice is to try the following things:

  1. If you go to the Eventbrite Page you can now add yourself to the Waitlist. During the last 10 days before the event we will make all left over tickets from Sponsors available on there.

  2. Approach current sponsors (check our website), they have tickets to give away or contests that might allow you to get one.

  3. Stay focused on our updates at social media and the updates of the sponsors for free tickets!
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What is the fastest way to go to the A'DAM tower?

  1. Take the train, tram or metro to Amsterdam Central Station.

  2. Follow the signs ‘IJ-Zijde’ (IJ-Side) to the ferry platforms

  3. Take the ferry to ‘Buiksloterweg’ and enjoy a two-minute cruise to Noord
    (the ferry is available 24/7 and free)

  4. Check ‘by foot or bike’ for further instructions

Can I come by car?


  1. Navigate to ‘Overhoeksplein 1’ using your GPS

  2. Take exit S116 in the direction of the S118, on the Johan van Hasseltweg

  3. Go left at the traffic lights, in the direction of Mosplein

  4. Take the third exit on the roundabout to Hagendoornweg

  5. Take the fourth exit on the right (just before the church) in the direction of Meidoornweg

  6. Go left on Meidoornweg and take the first exit on the right, to Van der Pekbrug

  7. Follow the temporary signs to the A’DAM Tower, leading you to ‘The Pleasuredome’

Your car can stay 24/7 in my garage (€1,15 per 20 minutes, € 44,- per day. Only maestro and credit cards)
Reserve a parking space via:

Can I park at the A'DAM tower?


Navigate to ‘Bercylaan’ and follow the signs
My Pleasuredome is open 24/7
Rate: €1,15 per 20 minutes. € 44,- per day (only Maestro and credit cards)
Reserve a parking space via:

What is the address?

Overhoeksplein 5, Amsterdam

Can you tell me more about the Treasure Hunt?


You like swag right!? Everyone likes swag!

But this time we made sure that there's extra cool swag! However if you want it, you'll have to earn it! The treasure hunt will encourage people to meet representatives from all our sponsors, in order to collect the currency they need to gain access to the coolest SWAG from the #PreMagentoLive SWAG store Pirates! There is even a way to get clues ahead of the event that will let you gather bonus coins!

So keep your eyes peeled for our Social Media posts for hints and clues!

What is the dress code?


We have one rule when it comes to the dress code : don’t come as you are, come as who you’d like to be.

Can I wear a shirt with the logo of the company if I'm not a sponsor?

We encourage you to wear business casual clothing without a logo of your company and give our sponsors (a big shout out to them) the opportunity to promote themself and wear branded clothing.

Are there any Food & Drinks?

Everything is paid for and provided for you, enjoy, but make sure to visit all the Sponsors and @MediaCT to show them your appreciation!

How can I pay?

Everything is paid for and provided for you, enjoy, but make sure to visit all the Sponsors and @MediaCT to show them your appreciation!

Are there any lockers for my laptop?

No, unfortunately. Better leave your laptop in your hotel or at home.

Can I recharge my phone at the Loft?

No, sorry providing charging stations for 500+ people was not an option.

Will there be WIFI and what’s the login?

This will be clearly communicated on Posters at the event. Don’t worry, you’ll be connected!

Can I buy earplugs at the Tower?

Yes you can buy earplugs in the Lookout store. The store is open until tba

Do I need to bring my ID?

Yes, especially cause all of you still look so young ;)

Do I need the wear my MagentoLive badge?

Although it’s not mandatory as some of our guests won’t have one at all, it’s highly recommended, appreciated and encouraged for optimal networking! Thanks!

Can I bring my dog?


our hairy friends are much appreciated, but as we do not have appropriate amenities to make them comfortable they are not allowed, sorry.

What is the line up?

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of this, but at this time we can’t give away too much yet.

Is there an after party?

Not that we know of. However if you want to get some recommendations for nice bars close by, go and talk to the Dutch Sponsors of the event, they’ll be happy to help you!

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Yes Please! As long as you post them to social media with the HashTag #PreMagentoLive!
We’ll be checking ;)

Does #PreMagentoLive have a Lost&Found?

No, unfortunately. If people lose something they'll have to send us an message afterward.
However, We will use the bar as a central collection point. If someone loses something he/she/they can check at the bar on the evening.

What is the nearest Hotel?

Sir Adam Hotel is in the same building and extremely cool! Check them out!

What is the # for the party?

#PreMagentoLive use it for everything you do on Socials during and related to the event please!!! Help us make it amazing!